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Got my new refurbished vita-mix!!!

Wow this thing is a beast, what used to take me 5 minutes in my Osterizer 400 watt blender takes about 15-45 seconds in this beast!!

I will be making my very first video recipe soon for upload to Google Video. It will be a blended salad video recipe. I am thinking of doing my video recipes with version numbers like 1.1, 2.2 etc so it will notate improvements to the recipes which will be mostly information changes, for instance at the end of the video recipes it will say how much nutrition it has for that video recipe and say the benefits of that recipe such as this one has lots of cruciferous vegetables or isothiocyanates and is good for people who have or are concerned with cancer. But I do not want to wait that long and be such a perfectionist just to upload it so I think that the version numbers will be of great help. Now I have to find out how people conventionally name versions, such as 1.11 vs 1.12 will just indicate a spelling corrections and not a major content change. So it is off to google to find this information out.


New camera phone!

Picture taken with new Motorola e815!