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AOL Caught Fixing Their Poll!! AOL IS EVILL!!!!

You must watch this vote fraud in action!! Still trust our electronic voting system??

Check out

Do you Digg the Ron Paul Blimp?? Show it!! It's free!

Please join us in our goal to raise $200,000 to make and fly the first ever Presidential Blimp in history. Choose a pledge amount below and enter your email address to confirm the pledge. When we reach our goal in pledges you'll receive an email letting you know it's time to fulfill the pledge.

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Blimp Banner

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Ron Paul: A True Underdog Story [12/16/07]

AWESOME!! This is hope!

Electronic Voting Machines Need to be open source.

Many want to use paper but humas are humans. I think we need an open source voting software. It is the only way. All parties software programmers should be able to examine source code before, during and after elections, immediately.

It is the best way in my opinion.

Ron Paul: A New Hope (for a real president)

I have never voted for a president before because I do not believe in voting for the lesser of 2 evils. I have always voted but just voted for the issues.

I am for the first time in my life voting for a president. I actually have a reason to vote for someone Yippe!! Please watch this and don't judge him till you view the whole thing. Just reserve judgement until you have watched it. And Please go to if you already support him!! This is it! Our chance to have a real president! Let's make it happen!

The Most Amazing Dog!

Absolutely amazing!! Very inspiring!

Ron Paul Radio Ad #4

Go Ron Paul!! This is actually a pretty good radio ad!! Donate $$$ on the Tea Party anniversary!! It may be the only way to get the media to stop censoring him!! December 16th is the day of the Tea Party!

What is cool about Ron Paul is that I have never voted for anyone before, I mean, I vote but only vote on the issues. In ever believed in voting for the lesser of two evils. Only thing I don't like about Ron Paul is the border issue. I think Mexican's are humans to and have just as much right to be here as we do. But that is another issue.

I will be voting in the primaries for this man! I have never done that before. I never even knew what a primary was.

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! - The end of restrictions on cell phones is near!

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Dance Vader

Sweet happy video!! Will make you smile!

Al Gore is ignoring Veganism as #1 solution to global warming

Great stuff to watch!! It is to bad he is ignoring this. Maybe some people will start being vegan for a day. Being near-vegan is a long term solution. If you have concerns about being healthy and vegan just read "Eat To Live".

Come on Al gore listen to your buddy Peter Max on this one!

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Get your own 3D Printer!!

I want one. Ever break a part on a old device that you know you could never get a part for and just trash it? No more, just print it!!

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72 Year-Old Man Body Building Every Day

This is great stuff!

Oh, and guess what this guy eats? I'm not gonna tell you! But seriously what do you think you have to eat to maintain muscle mass at an old age?

3D Desktop! TouchScreen and XGL on Linux!

I want one!!

Compiz-Quinn(now Beryl-Project)for linux. The future is now!

My thoughts coming soon!

Another reason not to use microsoft.

This was very funny. I will post some cool vista vs linux videos soon! I am gearing up to do my first Linux Ubunto with Compiz Fusion soon!! I will post some demo vid's in the meantime!

My Favorite flight of the Conchords Music Videos

In no particular order.

Inner City Pressure

If you're into it

Business Time

The Humans are dead

Most beautiful girl in the room

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Storage has just taken a GIANT leap!!

IBM's Computing Breakthrough Promises Chips The Size Of Dust -- Nanotechnology -- InformationWeek

This will be perfect technology for High Def Video Raid's. Now we can actually keep all of our home videos on a friggin disk!! Now we need to figure a way out to increase our bandwidth by 1000 so we can do remote server backups of our precious data! 1,000 trillion bits per square inch is the wave of the future!! I do not know how long this technology will take to hit the markey but Fujitsi plans to have us a TB per square inch in just over 2 years!! Yippee!!! This is very very good news!!

My Dick in a box and My Box in a Box

Watch this first and laugh your ass off, wait 5 miutes and then watch the one after it.

Watch this one second!

List of must have software (for me at least)

I got this idea after rummaging through -->> Scott Hanselmans 2007 Ultimate Developer And Power Users Tool List For Windows
So I thought I better get to work so I remember how to replicate my current computer experience in case I ever lose it. It also may help some of you find some useful applications. This is a living Google Doc's Document so when I change it it changes here. Be sure and check back. Also if you find a lighter client, less buggy better solution etc please let me know!! There are more that should be on this list but I have not tried them yet.

    • Google Toolbar for Firefox - The universally accessible bookmark feature is KING!! I can access my bookmarks from anywhere in the world and I can bookmark content to more than just one category and I can search for bookmarks with google. Just get it. So much more to it. IT DOES NOT CURRENTLY WORK WITH GOOGLE APPS FOR YOUR DOMAIN THOUGH. eh ehm I did find a button for it that has Gmail for GAFYD though.
      I used to use the Google Bar but not anymore.
    • Google Send to phone - extension for firefox that allows you to send text messages to your phone. Find a phone number on the web, send it to your phone in seconds! Copy and paste whole addresses etc.
    • ScribeFire - Full featured blog editor. Currently has a bug with embedding video. Just don't use rich text mode when doing video embedding. I love this because it opens a new pane in the bottom of the screen and I can just grab whatever I want from multiple pages and pop it into one blog.
    • Image Zoom - Ever want to make a picture bigger while browsing? Just scroll your middle wheel and Wahla! Has a function that allows you to use firefoxes increase/decrease font size with a global image zoom function. This effectively makes a "page zoom". CTRL + or - does this trick. You must turn on this in the view/image zoom/zoom with text menu selection.
    • ZoomFox - Only reason he is still on the list is because it supposedly has a option called thumb view. Need to figure that out. Image Zoom is preferred though.
    • Video Downloader - gets to the bottom of where a video actually is coming from and allows you to have a direct link to it. Doesn't work all the time but a heck of a lot easier than sorting through your temp folder.
    • PDF Download - Allows you to choose whether to open a pdf or save it in firefox.
    • IE Tab - Allows you to load a page into IE in a new firefox tab or new window. very useful for when a page only works in IE.
    • Minimize to tray - If you don't have Power Menu then this is handy.
    • Mouse Gestures - Allows you to go back and forward and much more while browsing by just right clicking and drawing a red line across the screen. Very cool and a big time saver. I use Alt + --> and Alt + <-- to go forward and backwards in my web history respectively as well. You have to activate "mouse trails" in the visual tab of the add on options box. Pick any color! Well you do not have to but I like it!
    • Drag Drop Upload - Instead of clicking the add attachment button in gmail you can just drag a file right onto it!! Priceless
    • Keyboard Shortcuts - Ok, this isn't software but good stuff to know.
      • Middle click a tab with your wheel and it closes the tab.
      • Hold down CTRL and scroll your wheel on the mouse and wallah the text size gets bigger and /or smaller depending up the direction!!
      • CTRL + J - Opens your download window
      • CTRL + H - Opens your history
      • ALT + F4 - Closes firefox . Actually, that works for any window.
      • ALT + right arrow goes forward in history
      • ALT + left arrow goes backwards in history
      • Middle wheel click a link - opens link in a new tab, you can also hold ctrl and left clcik but this is way easier.
Google (related)
  • Google Earth - View the world and soo much more, also has Google Sky built in now! View the universe in an impressive resolution.
  • Star Office - Download this from Google Pack along with all the other good stuff, only thing I never liked in Google Pack was Real Player. I HATE Real Player. It is so bloated and slow. This is $70 bucks on the link but if you go to Google Pack then its free. No support though. For those wondering what the difference is between and Star Office? It si the templates and some Works translator I guess. This is a very very real threat to Microsoft Office and its free!
  • Picasa - Googles picture organizer!! This rocks, you get 200 MB of online webspace for your galleries, online slideshow capabilities, there is way too much cool stuff about this. You must get this now!! They even have a plugin for iPhoto!
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs and Spreadsheets - This is some nice stuff. It is great for collaborating. It tracks changes and up to 50 people can edit the same document at the same time. Star Office works nicely in conjunction, I am just waiting for Google to integrate the 2 so we have one tightly integrated online offline application that syncs and does file versions etc. Coming soon to a server near you!
  • Gmail - Umm, best email on planet, don't believe me? Bugger off then. Yes this is a software. Everyone MUST have 1 Gmail account. 20 MB attachments, 3 GB storage and the ability to use Gmail Drive with it!! Definitly try the keyboard shortcuts in the settings as well!! I can read, delete, reply, send and archive all of my mail with the keyboard!! Very efficient!
  • Gmail Drive - Allows you to use your Gmail account as a virtual drive on any computer. Just install, it assigns a drive letter like "D" and drag and drop files. 10 MB limit I believe.
  • Google Talk - Very nice app that works awesome with Google Mail or Gmail. It archives your chats in a folder in your Gmail. Allows you to call any other gmail user and also lets you just send voice mails to ANYONES email. Leave a message after the "Meep" very cool! Also has built in file transfer functionality.
  • Google Maps - I love the My Maps feature. I can made a map of all the healthy places to eat, well semi-healthy at least. And when I drive around town I can pull out my laptop and EVDO and find a restaurant nearby that I approve of.
    • Keyboard shortcuts
      • Page up, Page Down, Home and End keys work the map like flipping pages in a sense.
      • Use the directional arrows to navigate the map.
      • Combinations of arrows like up + right will navigate diagonally.
      • + and - keys will zoom in and out accordingly.
  • K-Lite codec pack
  • CamStudio - Open source free ware Screen Capture program. This kicks butt so far. Camtasia is cooler because it can embed video from an external video source (webcam) into your screen capture and it has a video editing program. But this CamStudio is pretty much the same as the OLD Camtasia.
  • Camtasia - Great screen capture program. Many online video tutorials are done with this software.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Paper Tiger - This application is such a time saver. It is kinda like Google Desktop but for paper. I file by number now and will never go back!! This costs but it is so worth it!!
  • ZoomIt - Sweet zoom utility. Great for presentations too. Beats the crap out of Microsofts magnifying glass. Only 44 KB!!
  • MWSnap - Nice litte screenshot program

  • CDex - CD ripping program. Installs the lame mp3 encoder as well.
  • EAC - Exact Audio Copy. A cd ripping program. Pretty hardcore error correction built in.
  • XaMpD - A nifty little media player that plays from your XM Radio Online account. You an use this with a free trial as well.
  • VLC Player - Simple media player that does not take up so much resources as Windows Media Player does. I also like mplayer2 from the run command.
  • Audacity - Free Audio editor and recorder, very simple to use, pretty light and not to fancy.

  • Trillian - AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN all in one!! They do have a MAC version.
  • Skype - Slick VOIP client. I think Ebay owns this. Make free voice and video calls to anyone in the world. I like the way it archives your chats you have. Real easy to put people on hold and add more people to calls etc. Must have. Using you can actually set up conference calls with both Skype and landlines, mobiles etc and have up to 500 people in a room with hand raising function and recording capabilities, along with a control panel to mute and call upon raised hands.
  • Google Talk - Very nice app that works awesome with Google Mail or Gmail. It archives your chats in a folder in your Gmail. Allows you to call any other gmail user and also lets you just send voice mails to ANYONES email. Leave a message after the "Meep" very cool! Also has built in file transfer functionality.

  • DU Super Controller - Upload download speed monitor
  • GetRight - Download Manager. Do not currently have this but it is a great program for download tons of files http.
  • Cute FTP - Fast FTP file manager. They have a kick butt backup CDP or Continuous Data Protection software that backs up data at the byte level so you do not have to have bandwidth intensive syncs whenever a large file changes. Pretty slick stuff Pretty Pricey stuff as well!

Computer Utilities
  • Synergy - It allows you to use your mouse and keyboard on another computer in your network. Basically I come home and plug my laptop in next to my desktop 22" widescreen and I just move my mouse to my laptop screen. Really nifty tool! Pain in the ASS to setup but it does work and it works nice. It also holds clipboard data so I can copy url's back and forth between computers. It is not the same as have dual displays because you cannot transfer windows etc. You are basically using one keyboard and mouse two control 2+ computers and their screens.
  • Unlocker - When a file will not delete because another program is using it this is a good shell extension to have.
  • Process Explorer - Just a little bit more useful than windows task manager.
  • Ad Aware - This and Spybot are the 2 spyware apps I run.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy - This and Ad Aware are great together.
  • WinRar - Great archiving tool with a shell extension. Just right click a zip file or folder and either pack it up or unwrap it. Supports zip files as well and password protection.
  • Power Menu - Always on top, Minimize to tray, Priority levels and transparency. Why did windows not have this to begin with?? Must have. Here is a blog page on Power Menu.
  • Sequoia View - Visually shows you which files are hogging up disk space!! Very lite and not to fast nor slow. Awesome stuff! Click for a screenshot.
  • Roadkil's Disk Speed - Extremely lite tool for checking seek time and read.write speed of your hard disk. Gives you a rough idea, not sure how super accurate it is but it gives you a good idea.

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver - Works great for building websites!
  • Joomla - PHP MySQL Database for websites. Free open source.
  • Adobe Photoshop - Awesome photo manipulation and so much more.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Vector based drawing program.
  • Gimp Shop - Got this suggestion from some folks over at Dr. Fuhrmans boards. Do I prefer photoshop? Yes? Is this pretty usable when you are not on your computer and want something lite and quick to install? Yes!

Applications I hope to try soon.

  • UltraMon - Need to get another 22" widescreen Hanns-G from to try this out!
  • MaxiVista - This iseentially replaces Synergy as well. It has more features.
  • Disk View - Gives a sweet visual of hard disk usage and includes S.M.A.R.T. capabilties that tell you when you hard drive is about to hit the dust.
  • WinSnap
  • Window Clippings
  • Jahshaka
  • Ubuntu with Compiz Fusion

Guitar Teacher World from the creator of Guitar Lesson World!!

Guitar Teacher World

If you like guitar or ever wanted to play guitar then you MUST visit!!!!

Patrick MacFarlane has been recording videos like a mad man to SHOW you how to play guitar!! Frustrated by books and other lousy teaching aides? I signed up for the free trial and was amazed at how powerful the site really was!! Go sign up for the free trial!! You will not regret it.

When a normal guitar teacher charges you $30-$100 a lesson Patrick MacFarlanes Guitar Teacher World training website is a bargain!! You can watch it again and again!! Plus he has some really slick software running this site and it is super easy to use!!

I think I will be a member forever and I will keep you all updated on my experience with it!!

Let me know how you like it!!

pictures - Member to Member - Forums - Member Center Forum

This is a image I grabbed from Nancy over at Dr. Fuhrman's Health Forums. She took this at Yosemite! Let me know what you think!

Change the word "Wildlife" to "Humans"

Tech Update!! August 14th, 2007

Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American
Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American, this comes down to 2 things basically. 1 TB per square inch data density in just over two years time to hit the market. Now I do not see myself , Mr. Consumer being able to get this technology at a good price but in a way I do because I am sure Google will adopt it and that means more storage for my Gmail Drive. Oh, and the price of our standard drives should come down a bunch as well. It would be nice to have a 1,2, 10 TB raid 1 array on a SATA Raptor to boot!! Just make it a Peta byte instead. That should last me for a while.

My advice to those looking for hard drives is simple... Only buy what you need right now because the whole market is changing BIG TIME. Not only storage but seek times as well. Seek times are huge and most "average" pc users don't even realize that the reason their is a 2 second lag when exploring their files is because their hard drive sucks. I remember a while back IBM (I believe) was developing some technology to store data in a cube. Where the laser would actually penetrate the cube and locate certain sectors to grab data.

FCC establishes rules for airwaves auction - Los Angeles Times

FCC establishes rules for airwaves auction - Los Angeles Times

The day is here and well... it sucks. The FCC did not do what they knew was right. Google said they will not bid if the rules for auction were not met. We will see if they still bid. I really hope they do because then they still can do whatever they want with the network. That is our only hope.

OECD: broadband is unequal | The Register

OECD: broadband is unequal | The Register

Broadband speeds are not equal, WHAT? Since when?

I thought this was an interesting article on broadband speeds and costs per MBps around the world. The Chinese get 100 MBps!! They use fiber and there uploads are generally as fast as their downloads!!

The one thing our cable broadband is missing is upload speed. Our Comcast cable upload speed is absolutely pathetic for what we pay. Anyways, I guess I just blogged it to remind of a cool article.

The pocket puke-ray gun

DHS working on pocket puke-ray | The Register

This is interesting, a light wavelength that will make you puke. Write that down.

If you ever find your self puking for no apparent reason and your not pregnant try and see if you just recently saw a weird light.

Trouble clearing a printer queue - Solved/Fixed

Trouble clearing a printer queue

I clicked print, oh shoot I just realized I printed the wrong 20 page document!! I go to my printer queue and hit cancel or delete. It just sits there and does nothing, even after I restart the bloody computer it is still there. I can't print anything else because that file has to clear first! 10 minutes later after unplugging the printer and a few restarts it finally clears. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

From the beginning of time Windows never knew what to do with a jacked up or stuck printer queue. It wastes so much time.

SOLUTION FOUND - I finally found a solution for this while on the net today. I will give credit to the posters at the above link. I will explain how flush your printer queue step by step right here in under a minute if you are fast enough ;)

1. Right click on "My Computer" then click "Manage" from the menu.
2. Now double click click "Services and Applications" in the right hand window pane.
3. Next click "services".
3. Next scroll down aphabetically to "the "Print Spooler" service.
4. Rght click on the "Print Spooler" service and click "Stop"
5. Leave this window open
6. Now go to the "START" menu icon at the far bottom left of your computer screen and right click on the "START" icon.
7. Now click "explore"
8. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS
9. Left click on the white space in that window and hold down the "ctrl" key on your keyboard, while still holding the "ctrl" key on your keyboard press the "A" key briefly. You now have "selected all".
10. Press the "delete" key on your keyboard.
11. Now go back to your "services" window and right click on "print spooler" and select "start"
12. Wallah!! You finally flushed your printer queue and can now start printing again.

Keywords: Printer queue stuck, printer froze, frozen printer queue, jammed printer queue

So ya think you can sleep?

My whole life I have loved sleep. I never really had a sleep schedule where I woke and layed at the same time. I frequently would sleep 10-12 hours on weekends and 9 or so on the weekdays and really there was no average just whatever I felt like.

For the past 6 years or so I have noticed I had been very lethargic during the day. I needed more sleep. So I would sleep more and be well rested right. NOT. Even more tired. Something must be wrong with me I never have any energy. I was like the sleep master.

So, you know that feeling you get when you are real tired, it feels good in a sense. Well it is the melatonin your body is injecting into your body to make you feel all drugged up, or sleepy. So the way I have come to understand sleep in the past 6 months is amazing and finally makes sense on all the stuff that says sleeping too much will make you more tired.

"Dr. Fuhrman has a newsletter on depression, you can actually download it for free if you sign up for his "What's cooking" bulletin on his website. So this newsletter explains how your body creates the neuro transmitters serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin makes you happy and melatonin makes you drugged up and sleepy. People who have insomnia have difficulty creating melatonin at the right time and in the right amounts. People who can never seem to wake up do not regulate serotonin correctly either.

For people who sleep in all the time and do not wake up correctly this can mean a world of hurt and a miserable day. Most people combat this because they take all sorts of stimulants, from Soda, to crazy energy drinks to coffee. They might as well just process coffee beans like heroin and let people take it with a needle. Same thing right? Besides the social acceptance factor.

So many people hit the ground throughout the day because they have toxic hunger or their melatonin is spitting out.

I have been tired a lot for the past 6 years and I finally read Dr. Fuhrman's newsletter on depression and I found that whether I have depression or not I could benefit greatly from the knowledge in the newsletter.

So I followed his recommendations in his newsletter and consistently wake up at 5:30 am every morning and my circadian rhythm is now SET! I wake up already awake it seems!! I remind you that I could out sleep anybody in the past. I would NEVER EVER EVER want to cut my sleep time to nearly half!! I figured out the math and if you sleep 10 hours a day and switch to 6 hours a day you will save 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week (a whole extra day), 112 hours a month (4+ days), and here it is..........1,460 hours a year which is 60.83 days!! You can live an extra 2 months of AWAKE time per year just by sleeping 6 hours instead of 10. If you do that for 50 years you will have accumulated 3,041 extra days in your life which is 8.3 years. Now may I remind you this is fully awake time!!! Not 8.3 years where you sleep 6 hours as well!

Now, the best part of all is you will actually have more energy by following Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations and get the life extension benefits of 8.3 years! I hope to reduce my sleep intake to 5 hours in the future. Dr. Fuhrman says that they have done studies on human sleep needs and it is 6-9 hours for a human.

If you have trouble chronic fatigue or insomnia and want a cure for it it may be in your best interest to read Dr. Fuhrman's newsletter on depression. Again, you can download it for free at his website and sign up for the "What's Cooking email bulletin" and download the newsletter you get for free on treating depression naturally!! Take a look at the success stories page while you are there.

I am off to go running now!

The Moller M200 Volantor: World’s First Flying Car goes into Production on Product Reviews Net

The Moller M200 Volantor: World’s First Flying Car goes into Production on Product Reviews Net

WOW!! All this time I have been waiting for the M400 to hit the streets but it seems they have changed strategy. At least this will get them some income they can throw into future M400 development!! This is exciting stuff and especially since 60+ orders have already been placed!!

The end of traffic is near my earthling friends!! If there is one thing I will say it is that I truly would love to do without traffic as we all waste hundreds of hours driving and sitting in traffic.

In 20 years or so, roughly the same time that Ray Kurzweil predicts a computer will have passed the Turing test, where computer will have the the AI of a human I beleive we will have a functional normal highway in the sky. NASA already developed the highway in the sky but now we need some Green machines too complete the mission. Flying cars will reduce emissions and improve quality of lives greatly because everything will be point to point and there will NOT BE ONE SINGLE STOP LIGHT!

Speaking of stop lights I am going to take Tom Hopkins lead in the meantime and start calling them GO lights, keeping it positive right!

Worlds First Samsung’s 64GB SSDs on Product Reviews Net

Worlds First Samsung’s 64GB SSDs on Product Reviews Net

Uhm, can I replace my hot hard drives now? This is promising technology! Small, cooler, no moving parts!! Sa-weet! Going green will definitely involve these gizmos. Western Digital announced they had a green hard drive coming out, it uses 30% less energy!

The world is getting the ball rolling, it will only pick up speed now. Keep watching, the world will become green obsessive very soon, just watch!! Mark my words!

The TWEEL - radical new wheel technology (UPDATED) - gizmag Article

The TWEEL - radical new wheel technology (UPDATED) - gizmag Article

Now this is some cool stuff right here!! I don't know why this will take 10 more years to bring to the friggin market though. If it were Google's baby it would take about... hmm I'd say NOW to bring it to the market.

I really like the Ibot mobility device!! The humans who are confined to a wheelchair can now go up small sets of stairs!! And the Segway Centaur device certainly is a beast as well!

I still want to test drive a regular Segway!! If anyone has one in Littleton, CO let me know, I wanna play!

Tweel's are gonna rock the world!!

The Google Phone!

Now, this doesn't exist yet but everything starts with a vision right? Google is setting rules for an upcoming FCC auction where the FCC is selling the abandoned 700 MHZ spectrum. Now Google is not really setting the rules but they are just saying they will not bid unless the rules are met. Now Google will only bid in the auction if it is open in every way. Well, Google has said that if the rules are met they will bid at least 4.6 BILLION dollars.

The 700 MHZ spectrum is like ocean front real estate in the wireless frequency market! It can penetrate thick walls and the such. Google wants it to be open in every way! No more of this, "I bought a Verizon phone and I can only use it on Verizon's network". The Google Phone will be open everything and totally customizable with widgets and the such, it will have a roll out color E-paper display from Philips along with a high def projector from Microvision.

It will have a real 5+ Megapixel camera built in, all the cool useful features of the I-phone. Built in video recorder. Visual voicemail, Google Calendar, Gmail and evrything you could possibly want!! Plus it will have the best signal ever!! Remember what phones were originally made for?

Maybe they will call it the Gphone! or G-Phone! It will come!! Mark my words!!

P.S. I just noticed that blogger saves my drafts automatically!! Brilliant!

Sex Education...

This is great! Who needs a whole sex ed class when you can have this! Click here for a higher resolution version -->> bebek.jpg - DivShare

TIME: Life in the Googleplex Photo Essay

TIME: Life in the Googleplex Photo Essay

This is very interesting! Google rules!

Yahoo Answers Sucks

Ok, So Google Answers is retired and Yahoo answers is still around. Well IT SUCKS. I really wish there was still a pay per answer service like Google Answers. You actually got good well researched answers.

Big Bummer.

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Their happy because they eat lard!

Look a real live spaceship!

I just scanned Google news for an update on the Moller M400 flying car and found this!!

Frodo Failed Bush has the Ring

Made by Oranges and Lemons

A house made of Citrus!!

(If you get an error just hit the "F5" key or "Refresh/Reload" button in your browser.)

Kungfu bodyweight skills

Wow!! This is a must see!

Wheelchair Magic!!

Check out this video of Aaron Fotherinham doing the worlds first wheelchair backflip!

Edit - It is a a little over 2 minutes in but don't skip forward!! The "Oh, Oh, Oh it's Magic" starts playing right when he does it!! So awesome and a great song to play for the World's first wheel chair backflip!

The end of week three/The beginning of week 4!

So, I have completed the end of week 3 on the Core Performance program. It feels great to have exercised for three weeks straight, this will also be the first weekend that I will have gotten up on time and kept my sleep schedule intact. I actually woke up earlier this morning than ever before!!! I have joined the forums as well!! Some great people over there and not all are into body building and a good handful do bodyweight only exercises!! I took some pictures of my vegan self about 10 days ago and have put on 5 pounds of muscle since starting the program and eating Fuhrman style foods. I will be hitting the gym today even though I have no workout scheduled. Chris and Noah, some guys I met at the gym are going to show me some running drills. I am a sloppy runner.

I was supposed to go flying in a Cesna today but that got postponed. That is OK since it will give me a chance to try out my new Baum bat and Catchers glove my Dad got for me.

I must say that the Baum bat rocks so far in the cages!! It is a plastic bat with a wood shell and it has the same "crack" as a wood bat, has less sting off the handle and will probably never break! It is great, it is Baum!! It will definitely give me an edge in baseball this year for the simple fact that I can go to the cages as much as I like without having to worry if my bat is going to break or not!

I really am going to start focusing more bodyweight exercises soon, I am going to finish this 12 week core performance program and then see. I would like to be able to do a one arm chin up/pull up or a one arm/one leg push up. I also have a 3 year goal to do "The Flag by Dominic Lacasse".

What a scattered blog!! Oh well, better than none at all. I am off to the gym now!! Adios Amigos!

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P.S. If anyone want to join Core Performance and get a three week trial membership then enter the code 92238 in for the Access Code!!

Core inspiration!!

This is very impressive stuff and very inspiring!! I will be able to do that someday!!

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MLB Scouting Artciles - What do they look for?


Found a nice list of articles on what Professional BaseBall Scouts are looking for!! Great information!

How To Shower - Men & Women Video

How To Shower - Men & Women Video

How To Shower - Men & Women - Funny videos are here

Veggie Animals

Have you ever seen a Bok Choy fish?? What about a Green Pepper froggy??

Click above, amazing veggie friends come to life!!!

(If you get an error just hit the "F5" key or "Refresh/Reload" button in your browser.)


FireCrabs will pull you down! It is human nature! Learn how to deal with Fire Crabs!

Workin' Out

So I did very good on the Core Performance program by Mark Verstagen this week. Tuesday thru Friday and I am as sore as ever. I woke up at 4:45 this morning again but there was no workout program to follow so I went back to sleep after my light therapy. I had only slept for 5.5 hours last night so I felt it was worth it. I just want my Circadian Rythm to be perfect, which it seems to be getting there. Tommorrow, I will wake up and just go to the gym and play basketball or something, just to keep the habit going.

Off to baseball practice now! - All The News That's Fun To Print - All The News That's Fun To Print

This site seems interesting as well! "Real News. Compelling Stories. Always Positive."

Great Stuff!

p.s. Although I could do without the disease causing Jimmy Dean sponsorship plastered on there!

The Good News Network!

Good News Network - What's New

I was so tired of hearing nothing but bad news and opening up my Comcast start page to a bunch of negativity that I just searched for "Good News" in Google. I found the above link and think it is pretty cool!!

We become what we think about all day long! The question is, "What do you think about?" - Wayne Dyer

Workin' Out!!

For the first time in my life I have consistently woken up at 4:45 am for 4 days straight! I have been using a 10,000 lux therapuetic light for 30-45 minutes in the morning immediately upon waking up!!

After that I head to 24 hour fitness and work out for 60-85 minutes. It feels good to sleep less and have more energy!!

Rippin kitten: Washing a cat

Rippin kitten: Washing a cat

This is an awesome bit of humor here!! It is on washing a cat in a toilet!! very funny pic's included.

Homeless by choice, O.C. student learns self-reliance - Los Angeles Times

Homeless by choice, O.C. student learns self-reliance - Los Angeles Times

I copied the following link to my blog because online links routinely disappear these days and I really liked this story!

Homeless by choice, O.C. student learns self-reliance

Andy Bussell says his life in his pickup truck has taught him to adapt and change.
By Seema Mehta, Times Staff Writer
February 19, 2007

After a long day of film classes, working at the Apple Store, rock climbing at the gym and finishing homework in the student union, Cal State Fullerton senior Andy Bussell heads home — to a white Toyota Tacoma with a twin-size mattress in the truck bed, a camper shell for protection and black curtains for privacy.

The 26-year-old has been living in his truck for nearly 19 months, skirting rules against sleeping in vehicles while otherwise living the life of a mainstream student. What started out as a way to save some cash has turned into a journey of self-reliance and independence.

"Even though I had a good job, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not making any headway with my credit cards," he said. "I've learned that I can push myself, break down my own boundaries. I've been able to learn that I can change and adapt to different kinds of situations."

The odyssey began in 2005. Bussell was working full time as a "Mac genius" at the Apple Store in Newport Beach, sharing a $1,600-per-month apartment in Aliso Viejo. He had racked up more than $10,000 in credit card debt and was struggling to pay for school and save money for a three-month road trip. So on July 29, 2005, he started living in his truck, with the goal of lasting one year.

Co-workers created a pool on how long the truck life would last, with the longest prediction three months.

"I've beat that," he said. "Once you find a routine, it's actually really easy."

Most mornings, Bussell heads to the university gym to shower, shave and brush his teeth. Then he heads to class, and later to work. Evenings are often spent rock climbing or doing yoga, visiting friends or studying in the student union, which has wireless Internet access. Then he heads back to the truck, which he parks in a variety of locations, and plays guitar, reads with a battery-powered headlamp or watches DVDs on his laptop.

There have been hiccups along the way — less than two months after Bussell began living in his truck, he was ticketed by a Costa Mesa police officer, who told him it was illegal to sleep in a vehicle. The citation cost him $177.50, "but when you haven't paid rent for … months, it's not that bad," he said.

His mail goes to a post office box. What he misses most are a kitchen and a bathroom. To deal with the former, he buys food such as yogurt and fruit in small quantities, and to deal with the latter, he takes advantage of public facilities. On occasion, he has resorted to employing an empty Gatorade bottle.

"It's handy being a guy," he said.

Bussell planned to end his time in the truck after completing a nearly three-month road trip last summer, visiting many national parks in the West. But upon his return, he became busy with work and school, and hasn't had time to think about moving into permanent lodging. The credit card debt, which was part of the reason for his decision to live in a vehicle, is nearly paid off.

Bussell's mother, Jill, a health plan auditor who lives in Northern California, has conflicted feelings about her son's choice of dwelling — a mix of motherly worry and filial pride.

"If it was your kid, what would you think? We don't want him in the truck, that's obvious," she said. But "he's a very determined human being. The life experiences Andy's made have been just tremendous."

Some attribute Bussell's lifestyle to his childhood experiences backpacking and camping while growing up in South Lake Tahoe.

Steven Cuellar, 23, met Bussell about two years ago while working at the Apple Store in Fashion Island. When he learned about his friend's plans to live in a truck, he was stunned.

"I thought it was a crazy, whacked-out idea," said Cuellar, who graduated from Cal State Fullerton in June. "At the same time, I know him, so I was like, I know he can do it. He's all like outdoorsy … and that's the perfect setup for a person who likes to be outdoors. It's like camping 24-7."

Bussell has attracted attention on campus, from fellow film students, who created a short documentary about him, and from the campus newspaper. But he has long been an oddity among his peers. He graduated two years early from high school yet has spent a decade in college, switching majors several times. He graduates in the spring, and is awaiting responses to grad school applications. He hopes to shoot travel pieces and nature documentaries, and plans to write a book about his experiences. Postings on his blog,, will provide fodder.

"I've learned that I could set my mind to something and do it," he said. "I think I've gained an appreciation for homelessness, in a way. Mine is a choice, but I can appreciate it now. I can understand what people are going through."

Still, to gain a further understanding, Bussell plans to live as a homeless person for a week before he graduates, carrying a backpack with his belongings and sleeping in the bushes of Cal State Fullerton.

"There are so many things to do, and I've got to do them all," he said.

InformationWeek | Galleries: Googleplex East: Inside Google's New York City Headquarters

InformationWeek | Galleries: Googleplex East: Inside Google's New York City Headquarters

Must see if you are a fan of Google!!! I love seeing how Google runs their company!

Psoriasis - Gone

While it may not be cured, Jodi's Psoriasis sure seems to be cured! Take a look at her before and after pictures and read her story!! Very powerful! Dr. Fuhrman has done this many times but these are the first pictures I have seen!!

And look at that back! 58 years young!!

Come join us at Dr. Fuhrman's boards/forums!! So much fun over there!

Pittsburgh Downtown WiFi

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

This is the future of internet. Free internet anywhere in downtown Pittsburgh! 2 hours free every day! After that you can pay!

I think Google is doing something like this too , right?


Live eLearning From Elluminate - Web Conferencing Tool

Live eLearning From Elluminate - Web Conferencing Tool

Very cool product!! Will post more but for now...

What is wrong with this picture?

Does this look natural to you? Would you like some mastitis (pus) with that too?

Nutrient Density = Key to health!

Dr. Fuhrman at vegsource 2006! Keep in mind that Dr. Fuhrman is 52 years old in this video!

History of Religion in 90 seconds

History of Religion

My buddy Laughton sent this to me. Pretty interesting!

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

This is awesome, please watch!

The New HIre

This is my cousin and best friend Cory Jacob!! Just at the beginning of his acting career! This guy is gonna be big! Keep your eye on him. I cannot wait to see him do some comedy, he has made me laugh hundreds of hours throughout my life!! I laugh sometimes just thinking about him! Remember the name Cory Jacob!

World trade center #7

This is what world trade center #7 should have looked like.

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe
Soup I made last night in my extra large pot

1 800 g can Bionaturae Organic Diced Tomatoes
1 800 g can Bionaturae Organic Crushed Tomatoes
5 cups carrot juice
1 cup celery juice
15 cups water
2 large organic yams w/skin (1300 gm/almost 3 lbs)
603 gm + 367 gm organic carrots
2 1/2 cups uncooked brown rice
1 cup mung beans
1 Tbsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp basil
2 1/2 Tbsp onion flakes
2 Tbsp oregano
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
3 small onions (682 gm/1 1/2 lb)
1 leek (153 gm)
1 Tbsp black pepper
1 cup red lentils
2 Birdseye bags frozen salt free green peas
2 pound shredded/chopped spinach
2 cups non-roasted cashews
2 large portabella mushrooms
1 more cup of water to rinse vita-mix and then add to soup

blend 4 cups of soup with 2 cups cashews in vita-mix

800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist To Fight In Iraq | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist To Fight In Iraq | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

This is hilarious people, I love it!!

ETL and Moon = Success

Moon's corner

This girl is amazing. Check out her blog and this before and after picture!! She was just on Dr. Fuhrman's radio show as well! It is the 12/06/06 "The Secret Weapon for Permanent Weight Loss" show!! Definitely give it a listen. Very impressive!!

(click the picture - do it, do it now)

Insider Journey

Insider Journey

Here is Robyn's Blog!! Definitely check it out she has some AMAZING before and after pictures of her entire family eating healthfully! Her and her husband just appeared on Dr. Fuhrman's new online radio show. You can listen to it here, click on the show 11/29/06 "Food Addiction: The Cause of Obesity" .

She is also an awesome graphic designer and is designing the promotional flyer for my Dr. Fuhrman promotional presentations I will be offering in the Denver Metro area!!

They also have a great concept for a fuhrman friendly restaurant. Someday I hope they can make it come true!!

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous veggies rock!! I will update this entry with more info over time! This entry was published with Google Docs & Spreadsheets, all I have to do is edit the document and re-publish and wallah!

Cruciferous veggies protect against cancer in a major way. New studies keep coming out that prove this to be the fact. Dr. Fuhrman's cancer patients drink dark green cruciferous vegetable juice 3 times a day! Dr. Fuhrman has said in the past that if they could take the phyto(plant) chemicals out of these veggies that they would have the most powerful anti-cancer drug on the planet!

Bok Choy
Broccoli rabe
Broccoli Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts
Gai laan (Chinese broccoli)
Horse Radish
Mustard Greens
Napa/Chinese Cabbage
Turnip Greens

The SequoiaView Homepage

The SequoiaView Homepage

Have a full harddrive? This sweet program will allow you to see the files which take up the most space so you can get rid of it fast. I used to browse through folders and take an hour to track down files that were hogging space. Now I can simply look in SequoiaView and see the culprits INSTANTLY. This is a must have program for everyone. Oh and its free.

Boston Dynamics: The Leader in Lifelike Human Simulation

Boston Dynamics: The Leader in Lifelike Human Simulation

Check out these robots!! Big Dog, RHex and RiSE are my favorites in that order. You must check these robots out, creepy, cool, scary all at the same time. Go click now!

Big Dog



Remember to visit this page if you want to download high resolution versions. Youtube videos are very low quality.

Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash

Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash

Everyone must read this website!! Please reserve judgment until you are finished reading the first 2 pages!!

Homie Vic!

Kynder climbing his tree!

McDonald's Sucks

I got this website from a member of the Dr. Fuhrman forums!! I had a little fun and here is my stab at it!!

Cute kid that my girlfriend gave a donald the duck hat to at our garage sale.

Super Carrot

Almost as big as my face!

Super Carrot

Look at the size of this organic carrot!

"'People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel'"

"'People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel'"

I love this quote!!!

I'm ready to blog!

I will be bloggin much much more from now on. Google has improved their blogger so much it is much easier to use now especially with the "send to" function of the google toolbar!!

I just got a new Gmail account and have been using Google Doc's and Spreadsheets as well. Well actually just the Doc's but I am sure I will use spreadsheets someday. I absolutely LOVE the new google bookmarks feature that comes with the toolbar! The tags and labels for everything they do now make life so much easier.

Secret Santa who gave away $1.3M dies - Yahoo! News

Secret Santa who gave away $1.3M dies - Yahoo! News

This is a sad but great story!