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Yahoo Answers Sucks

Ok, So Google Answers is retired and Yahoo answers is still around. Well IT SUCKS. I really wish there was still a pay per answer service like Google Answers. You actually got good well researched answers.

Big Bummer.

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There is a new service staffed by many of the fine former Google Answers Researchers. Its at


Yes, there is, and if you go to you can find numerous Google Researcher services! Also !


Thanks a bunch Brudenell and Crabcakes. I appreciate the heads up on this!!


One day soon Yahoo Answers won't be trendy anymore...

When people realize that their content is appropriate only for chatting, not knowledge.

That's when sites like will flourish.


Thanks for the link Sherwin! It is good to know there is a quality free competitor out there. I keep seeing Yahoo Answers pop in the search results for google. I am appalled by the answers on there! They disgust me!

Yahoo! email sucks to! I have to occasionally check my old Yahoo account and whenever I do I am so disgusted by the ads and how friggin slow it is!! Gmail blows the crap out of Yahoo mail to.

I am getting disgusted with all things Yahoo.