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Kungfu bodyweight skills

Wow!! This is a must see!

Wheelchair Magic!!

Check out this video of Aaron Fotherinham doing the worlds first wheelchair backflip!

Edit - It is a a little over 2 minutes in but don't skip forward!! The "Oh, Oh, Oh it's Magic" starts playing right when he does it!! So awesome and a great song to play for the World's first wheel chair backflip!

The end of week three/The beginning of week 4!

So, I have completed the end of week 3 on the Core Performance program. It feels great to have exercised for three weeks straight, this will also be the first weekend that I will have gotten up on time and kept my sleep schedule intact. I actually woke up earlier this morning than ever before!!! I have joined the forums as well!! Some great people over there and not all are into body building and a good handful do bodyweight only exercises!! I took some pictures of my vegan self about 10 days ago and have put on 5 pounds of muscle since starting the program and eating Fuhrman style foods. I will be hitting the gym today even though I have no workout scheduled. Chris and Noah, some guys I met at the gym are going to show me some running drills. I am a sloppy runner.

I was supposed to go flying in a Cesna today but that got postponed. That is OK since it will give me a chance to try out my new Baum bat and Catchers glove my Dad got for me.

I must say that the Baum bat rocks so far in the cages!! It is a plastic bat with a wood shell and it has the same "crack" as a wood bat, has less sting off the handle and will probably never break! It is great, it is Baum!! It will definitely give me an edge in baseball this year for the simple fact that I can go to the cages as much as I like without having to worry if my bat is going to break or not!

I really am going to start focusing more bodyweight exercises soon, I am going to finish this 12 week core performance program and then see. I would like to be able to do a one arm chin up/pull up or a one arm/one leg push up. I also have a 3 year goal to do "The Flag by Dominic Lacasse".

What a scattered blog!! Oh well, better than none at all. I am off to the gym now!! Adios Amigos!

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P.S. If anyone want to join Core Performance and get a three week trial membership then enter the code 92238 in for the Access Code!!

Core inspiration!!

This is very impressive stuff and very inspiring!! I will be able to do that someday!!

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MLB Scouting Artciles - What do they look for?


Found a nice list of articles on what Professional BaseBall Scouts are looking for!! Great information!