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Cute love story between two octopuses

Uploaded by gamaniak

Edit - It looks like the producers didn't like people embedding their videos. here is the link for the quicktime video! Still well worth the watch!

One man's story another womans worst nightmare

An amazing story on this man's journey to the truth! You decide!

Snow monkey or hot spa monkey?

Concern for the male population

Dropbox Rules!!!

Dropbox is by far the most ingenious application ever!!!

I cannot believe how powerful it is!

Simply amazing!

Woman loses over 300 lbs on Nutritarian diet!

There is a woman in this video who lost over 300 lbs on Dr. Fuhrman's eating plan! Amazing!

Chimpanzee rides Segway

Adam Kokesh speech

This guy is a very powerful speaker!

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

I saw this video a few times on the web recently and the beginning lacked a punch so I never watched it but I finally got an email mandating I watched this and I did!

Now, you MUST watch this video! I is time to be reactive! I am going the peaceful route and I hope the rest will too!

Diebold election fraud

Good video of a contractor for Diebold speaking about how Diebold has signed contracts to embed themselves into the US voting system. Please visit the Open Voting Consortium and see how they use electronic and paper ballots to provide 100% accurate voting results! We need to support these guys. This is the solution!

Green Roofs - How bout a farm instead!

This article talks about green roofs and designing buildings from cradle to cradle instead of cradle to grave. I find these articles fascinating for the "open home" project I someday hope launch. In the end, if we want a long term sustainable life here on earth we need an open-home project and open-source government (with a different name, though). Home designs and materials list need to be shared. The future of life will be based upon the open-source concepts that have been widely used in the software industry for many years now.

These guys are suggesting that we use green roofs and also to take it a step further. To make them food farms! Imagine that! If every physical land footprint was a farm with a habitat underneath! Brilliant!

Read more here -->

War is not the answer.

War is never the answer. It's time we grow up and stand up for what is right. 

Cutest picture ever!!

My gosh this is too funny!

My gut hurts now!

The future is now!

Picasa 3.0 - The Picasa Photo Viewer just owned Windows!

I just installed Picasa 3.0 and I set it to be default photo editor! Windows has had years and years of monopoly to make there products better. Did they? Heck no. They snoozed and lost. Google has a very very nice photo viewer. My y new default photo viewer. Very slick!

Chrome - Uberfast Browserness

I had heard about it from my Android searching first but didn't give it a 2nd thought of my mind. My coworker, Seth, said something about "are you going to try Chrome". I said something to the effect of, "yeah someday probably".

I noticed Jon Perlow's (a Gdev) sig on my Gtalk list. His sig message said something to the effect of "Man is chrome Fast".

So I had 2 prior impressions to Chrome BUT it was his sig that prompted me to immediately download Chrome and see what this FAST was all about, I gave it a whirl. And what a whirl it was!

Gmail is now FAST, Gdocs are also VERY fast (something that limited my use prior), Gcal is FAST, everything is FAST! I am loving Chrome and have been using as my primary browser since I installed it . I am using Firefox for this post because of the Scribefire blog editor. I am still using FF for some other things as well but for my general browsing I am using Chrome and it's web goodness.

I am torn now because I was a huge FF advocate, mainly because it was generally more secure and faster than the competetion plus it was open-source (the future of all software). I liked Opera but FF had the edge because of it being open source.

Now Chrome hits us, it's fast, multi-threaded, open source and sports a much simpler interface plus it has detacheable tabs (something I always wished FF has). Sorry FF but Chrome is now my default browser.

Here are the steps I suggest you do to better understand the speedy goodness that awaits the web!
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Download Chrome
  3. Install Chrome
  4. Read the Manual! -->

Disclaimer: I love Google! (Did you know the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom are Billionaires, both drive a Prius?)

Android Developers Challenge I - And the winners are...

Ok, I am loving the cooking capsules application! I am also digging the Softrace since I am a slightly competitive guy. City Slikkers should get my butt moving too and it will allow me to meet some very interesting people! So many more!! And those are just the ones that won out of the 1.700+ submitted. Oh and that was only round 1. Round 2 is coming up soon!

Take a look! -

Here comes the Android - Worlds coolest phone!

Holiday Inn - Clearwater Beach - NICE!

I just got a room at the Holiday Inn at Clearwater Beach in Florida. I am usually fine with most any hotel room but the rooms on the mainland in Clearwater just appeared to be nasty and creepy and last night I stayed in a non-smoking room at a Best Western and the smell was nasty, not smoke just nasty!

So tonight I jumped across the bridge over to Clearwater Beach (10 minutes) and found the Holiday Inn (can't go wrong right). I have stayed at Holiday Inn's in teh past but maybe they were Holiday Inn Express's???

This is the nicest "average" hotel room (#259) I have ever stayed in!!

  • The room smells clean and is clean! (big plus)
  • Granite or Silestone Countertops
  • Mini Kitchen with silverware microwave and fridge
  • Flatpanel TV
  • Nice balcony with mock-column like fencing
  • Very fast internet (6mbps down/612 kbps up) - (choose ethostream)
  • Closet area
  • full length mirror
  • desk with swivel chair
  • comfy chair with footstool
  • king sized bed
  • very nice bathroom - mirror with wooden frame, decorative lighting, tile floor and clean
  • luggage area & closet and ironing area

If you are ever here and want a nice place to stay this is it!

Maybe it is time to care now...

We drive, we eat tons of animals, we use tons of plastics and oils. Our government doesn't care as they are lost too.

This link claims we will have no ice in the North Pole in 5 years. What if they are right? We better get our act together, fast.

Gives you quite an odd feeling.

I ride my bike when I can, recycle when I can, eat no animals, but what else can I do to help the earth. I can try and get other people to do the same and improve my own habits as well. Will it be quick enough, how do we change the power consumption and the corrupt politicians?

It all starts with a vision. I will keep my vision of a beautiful earth and try harder. Please read the following link and do what you can to help our earth.

Maybe we will all have sail ships to float around in to our garbage islands.

DrFuhrman's diet style is a good place to start reducing some huge emmisions and of course we all need more exercise so ride your bike to the store and work, when you can. It all makes a difference.


Wow! amazing video of human roadsled. Definitely worth your time!

The orphan deer adopted by a pack of Foxhounds

Animals in the depths of the sea (26 photo) / Biology / Science ReaDigg.COM

Animals in the depths of the sea (26 photo) / Biology / Science ReaDigg.COM


WoW!!!! This will put a smile on your day!!

Animals Have Deep Capacity for Love from Jeff Nelson on Vimeo.

This was wonderful!! We need to see more stuff like this on the news!

Wind-Powered Tall Ships Are Once Again Important As Oil Prices Hurt Trade : CleanTechnica

Wind-Powered Tall Ships Are Once Again Important As Oil Prices Hurt Trade : CleanTechnica

Very Very Cool! Can you imagine all the ships of the new modern age with big sails and no pollution!

World Exclusive: WTC7 Survivor Barry Jennings Account

KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq

Battle at Kruger

You must watch this. It has a few twists that are amazingly unexpected!!

Cute jumping spider

I saw a cute jumping spider in the bathroom today. He had white stripes on his black body with irradescent blue fangs. I finally found a link describing him.

Do a ctrl+F on this page --> and search for "Spider with blue fangs".

I am going to leave him be, he seemed to be very sneaky and cautious because when I would approach near him he would try and be still and hide and then when I would meander away he would do his jerky walk. I eventually let him know that I saw him and looked close up at him. He froze.

It turns out he is a harmless jumping spider and is a carnivora & predator who doesn't spin webs. They are the most common to bite but there bites are harmless.

I have always respected spiders. They eat all the other bugs. Gotta have spiders as natural pest deterrents!!

This one was especially cute with his irradescent blue fangs and his eyes perched up high on his forehead.

I would love to take a close up picture sometime but I do not have have the optics in my camera to acheive a quality picture better than the one pictures at the link above. I am sure I will be seeing him around, although he lives underneath a gap in the floorboaord where it meets the tile (old historic apartment).

China's All-Seeing Eye : Rolling Stone

China's All-Seeing Eye : Rolling Stone

WOW. Pretty insightful.


I would love to someone with a green one on in front of a green screen. Imagine how funny that would be!

Worldometers - real time world statistics

Worldometers - real time world statistics

A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe

A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe

chinese execute tibetans


Hardy Heron Countdown!

Sweet counter for the next release of Ubuntu. This will be better than the previous versions! Still a ways to go before a significant percentage of market share but it is well on the way! Ubuntu is going to be very sexy this time because you can install this OS inside of windows with the WUBI installer.

Give it a try folks!

Dynamic sculpture with ferrofluid


Ultimate Travel Camcorder/Tripod

This camera is a Sanyo and I have physically verified that it has a tripod mount on the bottom. It used flash cards so you can load up on those and it won't take up much space at all. It shoots HD and the version I want is waterproof. It also can take a full resolution picture while shooting video. The tripod can be bought at REI and wraps around anything. Fences, rocks, branches you name it.

Hope you like my little hybrid photo I made! Leave a bloody comment if you find this useful or want more info!

Rep Ron Paul: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing

The National Expositor - NSA Had Access Built into Microsoft Windows

The National Expositor - NSA Had Access Built into Microsoft Windows

Another BIG reason to use Ubuntu!

ABC News: The Rebirth of Buses: N.Y. to D.C. for $1

ABC News: The Rebirth of Buses: N.Y. to D.C. for $1

Interesting business model!

Monkey riding mini-bike - AWESOME!!!!

Monkey Riding Mini Bike - Watch more free videos

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right : NPR

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right : NPR

What a great story!

Wheelman - Featured on Hacked Gadgets

Gas powered foot transporter!


Air Chairing


Amazing Video of Magnetic Fluid - WL-16RIII walkbot


Burning Bubbles

Cool site and promo video for it!

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

This is an amazing but sadly almost to real video on Election 08'

Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable, Ready by 2008 | Open Voting Consortium

Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable, Ready by 2008 | Open Voting Consortium

I love it! This actually looks like a voting system we can use! Now, it will be fun to get officials to comment on video on why they choose not to use this system! There system is based on Ubuntu Linux and doesn't actually count the votes. It prints off a ballot with the name and a bar code. Then they use video cameras to display the counting process.

I would love to see some video of the election in California of this!

All elections and votes should have archived video.

Question I always ask myself - How is it that we can send a man to the moon with pinpoint precision accuracy and timing but we cannot count numbers doing elections time?

Now is it that we can't? No of course not, we can count and we can count very very well. Now could it be that we "choose" not to? How can Americans be so naive and think there votes are counted properly. Shouldn't there be a audit available by anyone at anytime to count our votes?

No wonder America is Apathetic. Anyways, check out the link above, it seems like a good system. Let me know if you see any major flaws. Don't tell me that just switching to paper voting will fix it because we obviously saw that it won't after seeing what happened to New Hampshire's vote this year. That was paper voting and it was a mess. Citizens even paid over $50,000 for a recount (should we have to pay money for a re-count) and didn't even receive the ballots. Much more on youtube for that!

]Our voting system is flawed and why won't Diebold let people see the source code for their machines? This is wrong.

Judge Napolitano: Why The Patriot Act is Unconstitutional.

A very emotional speech that Judge Napolitano gives on the Patriot Act and how it got passed in the first place, what it really means and how it affects you.

Hint, Hint it is not Patriotic in any way :).

Wikipedia can no longer be trusted

I have been using Wikipedia for many years. I love Wikipedia. It appears to give me good information most of the time.

I tried to edit some stuff a while ago and found it quickly got changed because it did not adhere to there rules. That frustrated me a bit but I said hey, I guess that makes sense. I even heard that the Wikipedia founder was trying to build a open-source search engine and thought that was great as well.

I have just recently had my apathy cured by Ron Paul. I also learned about another individual Edward Griffin in the process. I was just getting to know about him and his ideas and still am.

So here comes the reason on why Wikipedia can no longer be trusted. Lets say you and a few of your admin buddies at Wikipedia want to delete an entry. You delete the page according to the guidelines of Wikipedia. Now, whether they adhered or not lets just say you had the "power" and you knew how to work the "laws" or rules better than the average reader. Heck, most people don't even know you can edit a page.

We just deleted the page or entry. Lets say that the people with the power don't want it re-added because there stay at home job involves being a non-paid Wikipedia editor, at least not paid by Wikipedia. Ok, now I want to add it back because it should be documented information. But I can't. The admin's at Wikipedia have blocked it permanently from ever being added back again. What do you do? What happens when it happens with content on the page? You change it and the stay at homers change it back to suit their ideological beliefs. What can you do. They have more time than you.

This happened just days ago to an author and public speaker.

Permanently deleted forever from Wikipedia.

Here is the cached page that Google has on store to prove it did once exist.

So, what do you do? Be very very cautious of any info you get from Wikipedia because after all censorship has just been proven. Wikipedia is not immune to censorship. What a sad day in Wikipedia's history...

Update - Not sure how this happened but on February 29th it seems that someone rebuilt the article from scratch. This is good to see and I am sure it was because of the popularity of this guy. I am wondering about the smaller lesser known people who also get censored though.

Check out the revision history, beginning on February 29th,

This is good Wikipedia stepped up to the plate.

Gandhi (part 11)

Ron Paul: Going the Distance