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Chrome - Uberfast Browserness

I had heard about it from my Android searching first but didn't give it a 2nd thought of my mind. My coworker, Seth, said something about "are you going to try Chrome". I said something to the effect of, "yeah someday probably".

I noticed Jon Perlow's (a Gdev) sig on my Gtalk list. His sig message said something to the effect of "Man is chrome Fast".

So I had 2 prior impressions to Chrome BUT it was his sig that prompted me to immediately download Chrome and see what this FAST was all about, I gave it a whirl. And what a whirl it was!

Gmail is now FAST, Gdocs are also VERY fast (something that limited my use prior), Gcal is FAST, everything is FAST! I am loving Chrome and have been using as my primary browser since I installed it . I am using Firefox for this post because of the Scribefire blog editor. I am still using FF for some other things as well but for my general browsing I am using Chrome and it's web goodness.

I am torn now because I was a huge FF advocate, mainly because it was generally more secure and faster than the competetion plus it was open-source (the future of all software). I liked Opera but FF had the edge because of it being open source.

Now Chrome hits us, it's fast, multi-threaded, open source and sports a much simpler interface plus it has detacheable tabs (something I always wished FF has). Sorry FF but Chrome is now my default browser.

Here are the steps I suggest you do to better understand the speedy goodness that awaits the web!
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Download Chrome
  3. Install Chrome
  4. Read the Manual! -->

Disclaimer: I love Google! (Did you know the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom are Billionaires, both drive a Prius?)