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Guitar Teacher World from the creator of Guitar Lesson World!!

Guitar Teacher World

If you like guitar or ever wanted to play guitar then you MUST visit!!!!

Patrick MacFarlane has been recording videos like a mad man to SHOW you how to play guitar!! Frustrated by books and other lousy teaching aides? I signed up for the free trial and was amazed at how powerful the site really was!! Go sign up for the free trial!! You will not regret it.

When a normal guitar teacher charges you $30-$100 a lesson Patrick MacFarlanes Guitar Teacher World training website is a bargain!! You can watch it again and again!! Plus he has some really slick software running this site and it is super easy to use!!

I think I will be a member forever and I will keep you all updated on my experience with it!!

Let me know how you like it!!

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This is a image I grabbed from Nancy over at Dr. Fuhrman's Health Forums. She took this at Yosemite! Let me know what you think!

Change the word "Wildlife" to "Humans"

Tech Update!! August 14th, 2007

Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American
Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American, this comes down to 2 things basically. 1 TB per square inch data density in just over two years time to hit the market. Now I do not see myself , Mr. Consumer being able to get this technology at a good price but in a way I do because I am sure Google will adopt it and that means more storage for my Gmail Drive. Oh, and the price of our standard drives should come down a bunch as well. It would be nice to have a 1,2, 10 TB raid 1 array on a SATA Raptor to boot!! Just make it a Peta byte instead. That should last me for a while.

My advice to those looking for hard drives is simple... Only buy what you need right now because the whole market is changing BIG TIME. Not only storage but seek times as well. Seek times are huge and most "average" pc users don't even realize that the reason their is a 2 second lag when exploring their files is because their hard drive sucks. I remember a while back IBM (I believe) was developing some technology to store data in a cube. Where the laser would actually penetrate the cube and locate certain sectors to grab data.

FCC establishes rules for airwaves auction - Los Angeles Times

FCC establishes rules for airwaves auction - Los Angeles Times

The day is here and well... it sucks. The FCC did not do what they knew was right. Google said they will not bid if the rules for auction were not met. We will see if they still bid. I really hope they do because then they still can do whatever they want with the network. That is our only hope.

OECD: broadband is unequal | The Register

OECD: broadband is unequal | The Register

Broadband speeds are not equal, WHAT? Since when?

I thought this was an interesting article on broadband speeds and costs per MBps around the world. The Chinese get 100 MBps!! They use fiber and there uploads are generally as fast as their downloads!!

The one thing our cable broadband is missing is upload speed. Our Comcast cable upload speed is absolutely pathetic for what we pay. Anyways, I guess I just blogged it to remind of a cool article.