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Worldometers - real time world statistics

Worldometers - real time world statistics

A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe

A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe

chinese execute tibetans


Hardy Heron Countdown!

Sweet counter for the next release of Ubuntu. This will be better than the previous versions! Still a ways to go before a significant percentage of market share but it is well on the way! Ubuntu is going to be very sexy this time because you can install this OS inside of windows with the WUBI installer.

Give it a try folks!

Dynamic sculpture with ferrofluid


Ultimate Travel Camcorder/Tripod

This camera is a Sanyo and I have physically verified that it has a tripod mount on the bottom. It used flash cards so you can load up on those and it won't take up much space at all. It shoots HD and the version I want is waterproof. It also can take a full resolution picture while shooting video. The tripod can be bought at REI and wraps around anything. Fences, rocks, branches you name it.

Hope you like my little hybrid photo I made! Leave a bloody comment if you find this useful or want more info!

Rep Ron Paul: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing