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The pocket puke-ray gun

DHS working on pocket puke-ray | The Register

This is interesting, a light wavelength that will make you puke. Write that down.

If you ever find your self puking for no apparent reason and your not pregnant try and see if you just recently saw a weird light.

Trouble clearing a printer queue - Solved/Fixed

Trouble clearing a printer queue

I clicked print, oh shoot I just realized I printed the wrong 20 page document!! I go to my printer queue and hit cancel or delete. It just sits there and does nothing, even after I restart the bloody computer it is still there. I can't print anything else because that file has to clear first! 10 minutes later after unplugging the printer and a few restarts it finally clears. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

From the beginning of time Windows never knew what to do with a jacked up or stuck printer queue. It wastes so much time.

SOLUTION FOUND - I finally found a solution for this while on the net today. I will give credit to the posters at the above link. I will explain how flush your printer queue step by step right here in under a minute if you are fast enough ;)

1. Right click on "My Computer" then click "Manage" from the menu.
2. Now double click click "Services and Applications" in the right hand window pane.
3. Next click "services".
3. Next scroll down aphabetically to "the "Print Spooler" service.
4. Rght click on the "Print Spooler" service and click "Stop"
5. Leave this window open
6. Now go to the "START" menu icon at the far bottom left of your computer screen and right click on the "START" icon.
7. Now click "explore"
8. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS
9. Left click on the white space in that window and hold down the "ctrl" key on your keyboard, while still holding the "ctrl" key on your keyboard press the "A" key briefly. You now have "selected all".
10. Press the "delete" key on your keyboard.
11. Now go back to your "services" window and right click on "print spooler" and select "start"
12. Wallah!! You finally flushed your printer queue and can now start printing again.

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So ya think you can sleep?

My whole life I have loved sleep. I never really had a sleep schedule where I woke and layed at the same time. I frequently would sleep 10-12 hours on weekends and 9 or so on the weekdays and really there was no average just whatever I felt like.

For the past 6 years or so I have noticed I had been very lethargic during the day. I needed more sleep. So I would sleep more and be well rested right. NOT. Even more tired. Something must be wrong with me I never have any energy. I was like the sleep master.

So, you know that feeling you get when you are real tired, it feels good in a sense. Well it is the melatonin your body is injecting into your body to make you feel all drugged up, or sleepy. So the way I have come to understand sleep in the past 6 months is amazing and finally makes sense on all the stuff that says sleeping too much will make you more tired.

"Dr. Fuhrman has a newsletter on depression, you can actually download it for free if you sign up for his "What's cooking" bulletin on his website. So this newsletter explains how your body creates the neuro transmitters serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin makes you happy and melatonin makes you drugged up and sleepy. People who have insomnia have difficulty creating melatonin at the right time and in the right amounts. People who can never seem to wake up do not regulate serotonin correctly either.

For people who sleep in all the time and do not wake up correctly this can mean a world of hurt and a miserable day. Most people combat this because they take all sorts of stimulants, from Soda, to crazy energy drinks to coffee. They might as well just process coffee beans like heroin and let people take it with a needle. Same thing right? Besides the social acceptance factor.

So many people hit the ground throughout the day because they have toxic hunger or their melatonin is spitting out.

I have been tired a lot for the past 6 years and I finally read Dr. Fuhrman's newsletter on depression and I found that whether I have depression or not I could benefit greatly from the knowledge in the newsletter.

So I followed his recommendations in his newsletter and consistently wake up at 5:30 am every morning and my circadian rhythm is now SET! I wake up already awake it seems!! I remind you that I could out sleep anybody in the past. I would NEVER EVER EVER want to cut my sleep time to nearly half!! I figured out the math and if you sleep 10 hours a day and switch to 6 hours a day you will save 4 hours a day, 28 hours a week (a whole extra day), 112 hours a month (4+ days), and here it is..........1,460 hours a year which is 60.83 days!! You can live an extra 2 months of AWAKE time per year just by sleeping 6 hours instead of 10. If you do that for 50 years you will have accumulated 3,041 extra days in your life which is 8.3 years. Now may I remind you this is fully awake time!!! Not 8.3 years where you sleep 6 hours as well!

Now, the best part of all is you will actually have more energy by following Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations and get the life extension benefits of 8.3 years! I hope to reduce my sleep intake to 5 hours in the future. Dr. Fuhrman says that they have done studies on human sleep needs and it is 6-9 hours for a human.

If you have trouble chronic fatigue or insomnia and want a cure for it it may be in your best interest to read Dr. Fuhrman's newsletter on depression. Again, you can download it for free at his website and sign up for the "What's Cooking email bulletin" and download the newsletter you get for free on treating depression naturally!! Take a look at the success stories page while you are there.

I am off to go running now!

The Moller M200 Volantor: World’s First Flying Car goes into Production on Product Reviews Net

The Moller M200 Volantor: World’s First Flying Car goes into Production on Product Reviews Net

WOW!! All this time I have been waiting for the M400 to hit the streets but it seems they have changed strategy. At least this will get them some income they can throw into future M400 development!! This is exciting stuff and especially since 60+ orders have already been placed!!

The end of traffic is near my earthling friends!! If there is one thing I will say it is that I truly would love to do without traffic as we all waste hundreds of hours driving and sitting in traffic.

In 20 years or so, roughly the same time that Ray Kurzweil predicts a computer will have passed the Turing test, where computer will have the the AI of a human I beleive we will have a functional normal highway in the sky. NASA already developed the highway in the sky but now we need some Green machines too complete the mission. Flying cars will reduce emissions and improve quality of lives greatly because everything will be point to point and there will NOT BE ONE SINGLE STOP LIGHT!

Speaking of stop lights I am going to take Tom Hopkins lead in the meantime and start calling them GO lights, keeping it positive right!

Worlds First Samsung’s 64GB SSDs on Product Reviews Net

Worlds First Samsung’s 64GB SSDs on Product Reviews Net

Uhm, can I replace my hot hard drives now? This is promising technology! Small, cooler, no moving parts!! Sa-weet! Going green will definitely involve these gizmos. Western Digital announced they had a green hard drive coming out, it uses 30% less energy!

The world is getting the ball rolling, it will only pick up speed now. Keep watching, the world will become green obsessive very soon, just watch!! Mark my words!

The TWEEL - radical new wheel technology (UPDATED) - gizmag Article

The TWEEL - radical new wheel technology (UPDATED) - gizmag Article

Now this is some cool stuff right here!! I don't know why this will take 10 more years to bring to the friggin market though. If it were Google's baby it would take about... hmm I'd say NOW to bring it to the market.

I really like the Ibot mobility device!! The humans who are confined to a wheelchair can now go up small sets of stairs!! And the Segway Centaur device certainly is a beast as well!

I still want to test drive a regular Segway!! If anyone has one in Littleton, CO let me know, I wanna play!

Tweel's are gonna rock the world!!

The Google Phone!

Now, this doesn't exist yet but everything starts with a vision right? Google is setting rules for an upcoming FCC auction where the FCC is selling the abandoned 700 MHZ spectrum. Now Google is not really setting the rules but they are just saying they will not bid unless the rules are met. Now Google will only bid in the auction if it is open in every way. Well, Google has said that if the rules are met they will bid at least 4.6 BILLION dollars.

The 700 MHZ spectrum is like ocean front real estate in the wireless frequency market! It can penetrate thick walls and the such. Google wants it to be open in every way! No more of this, "I bought a Verizon phone and I can only use it on Verizon's network". The Google Phone will be open everything and totally customizable with widgets and the such, it will have a roll out color E-paper display from Philips along with a high def projector from Microvision.

It will have a real 5+ Megapixel camera built in, all the cool useful features of the I-phone. Built in video recorder. Visual voicemail, Google Calendar, Gmail and evrything you could possibly want!! Plus it will have the best signal ever!! Remember what phones were originally made for?

Maybe they will call it the Gphone! or G-Phone! It will come!! Mark my words!!

P.S. I just noticed that blogger saves my drafts automatically!! Brilliant!

Sex Education...

This is great! Who needs a whole sex ed class when you can have this! Click here for a higher resolution version -->> bebek.jpg - DivShare