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The Google Phone!

Now, this doesn't exist yet but everything starts with a vision right? Google is setting rules for an upcoming FCC auction where the FCC is selling the abandoned 700 MHZ spectrum. Now Google is not really setting the rules but they are just saying they will not bid unless the rules are met. Now Google will only bid in the auction if it is open in every way. Well, Google has said that if the rules are met they will bid at least 4.6 BILLION dollars.

The 700 MHZ spectrum is like ocean front real estate in the wireless frequency market! It can penetrate thick walls and the such. Google wants it to be open in every way! No more of this, "I bought a Verizon phone and I can only use it on Verizon's network". The Google Phone will be open everything and totally customizable with widgets and the such, it will have a roll out color E-paper display from Philips along with a high def projector from Microvision.

It will have a real 5+ Megapixel camera built in, all the cool useful features of the I-phone. Built in video recorder. Visual voicemail, Google Calendar, Gmail and evrything you could possibly want!! Plus it will have the best signal ever!! Remember what phones were originally made for?

Maybe they will call it the Gphone! or G-Phone! It will come!! Mark my words!!

P.S. I just noticed that blogger saves my drafts automatically!! Brilliant!