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What's in your flu vaccine?

This is hilariously funny!

Deer Door -

The Axis of Awesome 4 Chords

This is great! I never knew!

The Swine Flu Conspiracy (of the 70's)

There was a Swine Flu previously, in the 70's. One woman featured in the video above got Giambre disease right after her shot.

My personal opinion is that this flu is just like every other flu, people die every year from the flu. However, I do think that the companies that makes these vaccines are "in need of an epidemic". There is much money to be made if there is an epidemic, remember that.

Even if you are pro vaccination you should at least watch this video so you can be educated as to what other people may be thinking about. You should always see all sides of the story, right?

Sean Stephenson's Bucket List

This is a great video. You should watch it. It is similar to a vision board. One thing that I found fascinating is that he hung out with Richard Branson on his private island because he had it on his bucket list.

One thing on my vision board is to play tennis against Richard Branson on his private island with Dr. Fuhrman. Abbie Jaye gave me his book, "Losing my virginity" this past summer (2009) when I was in LA. I read the book and it is one of my favorite books ever now! If you haven't read it you should. That book is so amazing!

I can't wait to meet Sean Stephenson too! What a guy!

Piano stairs - - The fun theory

Amazing choir (Perpetuum Jazzile) uses their hands to simulate storm

Melting steel with sunlight, James Mays big ideas

Chinese dictator puts on a "look at me" show

People run on a pool of oobleck