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Class Day Lecture 2009: The Uniqueness of Humans

Good stuff!

Optibike vs Giant Twist Freedom DX

I am thinking of purchasing an Electric Bike until the new pure electricTesla Model S comes out in 2011.

Right now I am leaning towards the Optibike, handmade in Boulder Colorado, USA. I am also going to test drive the Giant Twist Freedom DX. The Optibike seems to be one tough bike with all sorts of high-end features and it is also made in the USA which is a rare find these days!

We will see what happens!

Day in the Cloud VS Ten Grand is Buried Here

Too funny! Microsoft is pulling a dirty scheme to get attention to their browser and Google and Virgin are doing something similar (getting attention) but with much more class!

I will never participate in Microsoft's evil game, Ten Grand is Buried Here, attempting to get innocent users to download Internet Explorer 8 to find $10,000. But, the catch, you cannot find it with any other browser, it must be the golden IE8! Hah! They are really desperate.

On the other hand, I would love to participate in the "Day in the Cloud" event on the 24th. They let you play 2 sample rounds and it really gets your brain thinking! Plus, you can use any common browser to participate. I will probably use Chrome, Firefox, or possibly the new Opera Unite I just installed but never IE7 or IE8.

Google and Virgin have so much more class! The winner gets free flights on Virgin America for 1 year, a HP netbook and a TB of Google Storage.

Just to be fair. Here are the links to both events.