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U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up! Redesign Update - 20091212

About this Video
Druplicon is rockin' to the beat! And then comes Lisa Rex who was so kind as to give us an update on the redesign. I am thankful because I had no clue what was going on with it, I had heard it was going to happen and then nothing happened and I know many other people are wondering the same thing. Her update is pretty exciting and in conjunction with it
Dries Buytaert said in his keynote at Do It With Drupal 2009 in New Orleans that he hopes for the redesign to be done in early 2010.

Technical Details
In this video I grabbed a custom track from Sonic Fire Pro called "Juggernaut" and made my first real attempt at syncing keyframes with the wave form of the music in Final Cut Pro. I think it turned out pretty good considering it was my first attempt. In addition to the rapid keyframing I used the "Motion Blur" effect in the "motion" tab of the layer.

Irrelevant Details
This is one of my first real YouTube videos of many more to come. Over the next year or so I will be producing some music videos for the amazing musical artist Sonya Leigh and I also have a ton of footage of the Ron Paul Blimp that I will be releasing (creative commons). I just have to get it all transferred onto disk and that entails me getting another DV camera that has a working firewire port. I prefer to get the same model it was shot on, a Sony TRV-27, so I have the best chance of zero dropouts (so, if anyone has a TRV-27 then hit me up!). I have some awesome blimp footage and although I haven't watched any of it since it happened it is sure to be some good content for the movement. The whole election fraud of Ron Paul kind of pissed me off a bit. I think I am finally recovered from that hugely stressful event and I now feel that it is time to get active again. Although, I am now moving more in the direction of The Venus Project as I think that is the best plan for a sustainable, peaceful and pleasurable planet for us all to enjoy for eons to come!

Mechanical Traffic Signals

I have been thinking about this for quite a while now and just came across this video.

While I am glad we are doing away with mechanical assemblies I think we have much more work to do as far as synchronizing traffic lights. I envision the future to have a more open system where people can participate in the timing of the traffic lights. A system that minimizes waiting time. If Google were in charge it would turn green as soon as the last perpendicular car crossed. It would have GPS, motion sensing, and infrared technology all perfectly coordinated so we would have a traffic light system that was as efficient as our computers.

Welcome the traffic light 2.0 system as it makes its grand entrance over the next 10 years! I can't wait!


Save water, pee in the shower.

At least that is what this commercial is encouraging you do if you live in Brazil.

Google Chrome + Extensions = Awesome!!!

I have been playing with Google Chrome for quite a few months now. It appears we are on version 4 already and the neat thing is that I have never had to update it, it just happens!

So Chrome opened up shop for the extensions gallery recently and I recently had some time to treat myself to the buffet! All I wanted was mouse gestures but I got so much more!

Here is what I have installed so far!

* AdThwart (so nice to not have all those distractions)
* Aviary (most amazing photo editing, screen capture, effects webware I have ever seen!)
* Beautify Facebook (installed just for fun but no way will I uninstall it n ow, 1 of the things it does is show the Facebookers age under their picture area)
* Blog This! (the reason for this blog post, it is now "easy" to post content to Blogger)
* Center Image (one of those "once you got it why go back" extensions)
* Chromed Bird (Twitter client)
* Cooliris
* Google Mail Checker
* Google Quick Scroll (another one that is useful but you never would have missed it if you didn't know about it, I would miss it now)
* Google Sidewiki
* Google Translate
* Google Wave Notifier
* Send from Gmail (sets default email client to Gmail and also allows you to use the context of the current page for a new email)
* Smooth gestures (all I wanted to begin with, my first extension that led to all these other ones)
* SmoothScroll (pretty nice, would not disgard)

All in all, the extensions install much faster than Firefox and so far I don't seem to have any extension bloat. I am a happy camper. Google Wave is still a bit slow but I think I shouldn't judge that right now since it is in "preview".

So, if you haven't checked out Chrome yet then Google it and get chomping! And let me know if you have any more extensions that you couldn't live without!

Did Google buy Appjet (Etherpad) or did it buy its talent back?

Have a look at the page below. One of the co-founders in addition to two others previously worked for Google before Appjet. Maybe Google just wanted its talent back?

That is quite weird to leave Google, form a company and then have them buy you back!

Just an observation I had.

EtherPad: AppJet Company Overview

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

This was a cool gig!

Evian Roller Babies international version

I think bottled water companies have got to go! We need to start creating systems that take the water we have locally and make it gold. We have the technology. This video shows how marketing campaigns can sell you something that is free, they remind me of pharmaceutical companies.

Very funny video though, just for the wrong purpose.

Facts about bottled water:

The Venus Project Music Video

It would be cool if Google's Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt had a serious look at "The Venus Project" and had a meeting with Jacque Fresco, now, soon!

P.S. I like this song too.