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Google Chrome + Extensions = Awesome!!!

I have been playing with Google Chrome for quite a few months now. It appears we are on version 4 already and the neat thing is that I have never had to update it, it just happens!

So Chrome opened up shop for the extensions gallery recently and I recently had some time to treat myself to the buffet! All I wanted was mouse gestures but I got so much more!

Here is what I have installed so far!

* AdThwart (so nice to not have all those distractions)
* Aviary (most amazing photo editing, screen capture, effects webware I have ever seen!)
* Beautify Facebook (installed just for fun but no way will I uninstall it n ow, 1 of the things it does is show the Facebookers age under their picture area)
* Blog This! (the reason for this blog post, it is now "easy" to post content to Blogger)
* Center Image (one of those "once you got it why go back" extensions)
* Chromed Bird (Twitter client)
* Cooliris
* Google Mail Checker
* Google Quick Scroll (another one that is useful but you never would have missed it if you didn't know about it, I would miss it now)
* Google Sidewiki
* Google Translate
* Google Wave Notifier
* Send from Gmail (sets default email client to Gmail and also allows you to use the context of the current page for a new email)
* Smooth gestures (all I wanted to begin with, my first extension that led to all these other ones)
* SmoothScroll (pretty nice, would not disgard)

All in all, the extensions install much faster than Firefox and so far I don't seem to have any extension bloat. I am a happy camper. Google Wave is still a bit slow but I think I shouldn't judge that right now since it is in "preview".

So, if you haven't checked out Chrome yet then Google it and get chomping! And let me know if you have any more extensions that you couldn't live without!


Not supported on Macs. Darn shame, extensions are the clincher for me.