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Chimpanzee rides Segway

Adam Kokesh speech

This guy is a very powerful speaker!

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

I saw this video a few times on the web recently and the beginning lacked a punch so I never watched it but I finally got an email mandating I watched this and I did!

Now, you MUST watch this video! I is time to be reactive! I am going the peaceful route and I hope the rest will too!

Diebold election fraud

Good video of a contractor for Diebold speaking about how Diebold has signed contracts to embed themselves into the US voting system. Please visit the Open Voting Consortium and see how they use electronic and paper ballots to provide 100% accurate voting results! We need to support these guys. This is the solution!

Green Roofs - How bout a farm instead!

This article talks about green roofs and designing buildings from cradle to cradle instead of cradle to grave. I find these articles fascinating for the "open home" project I someday hope launch. In the end, if we want a long term sustainable life here on earth we need an open-home project and open-source government (with a different name, though). Home designs and materials list need to be shared. The future of life will be based upon the open-source concepts that have been widely used in the software industry for many years now.

These guys are suggesting that we use green roofs and also to take it a step further. To make them food farms! Imagine that! If every physical land footprint was a farm with a habitat underneath! Brilliant!

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