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Google Resumercial - Google Video

Here is a Google Resumercial basically a video of a applicant applying to work for google.

This guy is weird but smart, I don't like his homework idea too much, I think your brain and google are plenty already. However, he knows how to make an impact to a company he wants to work for, I hope he gets the job.

Either way it is a great idea for people to make these Google Resumercial's, I do not know where the term was coined but if it was his he is a Smart man. The resumercial will be popular soon and many people will start doing it. I would love to see a resumercial before I hire someone.

Very Cool

EDIT - Google either pulled it or hired the guy or the guy pulled it. Sorry but no more resumercial link. I left the old invalid link for refernce purposes only.

Dr. Fuhrman Rules!

So I mentioned Dr. Fuhrman a while back but I just have to mention him again. This guy doesn't stop! He just keeps giving! The first Fuhrman DVD's will be out soon! They are expected to be out late 05'/early 06'. One will be on the Disease Proof your child Book, along with an audio book release as well. The second DVD will be on the ETL/Greatest Diet on Earth Book/subject. There is susposed to be an audio book release as well.

Dr. Fuhrman just makes sense, If you have a child you must read his new book "Disease Proof Your Child". If you have heart problems you must read his book "Cholesterol Protection for Life", if you are overweight you must read "Eat To Live".

With Dr. Fuhrman's help many many people will be breaking the age barriers unfortunately it will take time, because we have to age, right?

I was talking with another fellow the other day who was talking about turning off the aging gene, with that and a diet of nutritional excellence people will be living to ages comparable to what the bible "claims".

Joel Fuhrman is doing with his life what many dream of doing, helping potentially massive amounts of people. He just keeps giving and how can you not feel good about your life by doing that.

again his website is and he has a new Fuhrman blog called full of free articles and information to inform the uneducated American about nutritional excellence!!! His websites are filled with hours and hours of reading, you cannot help but learning by spending time at his websites. He also has a podcast section of great listening material "Podcast's"

The true power will be in the video DVD's, people can truly see Joel shine, he has such enthusiasm and care for what he does it truly does transfer to other people.

Here are some free video clips you can watch right now without waiting for the DVD, (you need Divx)

Fuhrman is the beginning of the end in the confusion humans face about their diet choices, I also must give credit to "The China Study" and Dr. Colin T. Campbell, without this book there would not be nearly as much evidence supporting this lifestyle/diet.

For anyone who wants to know the basic summary.

Eat lots of high-nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables.
Eat less low-nutrient foods such as sugars, oils, salts.

For more info read some literature at his websites.

Here is to another scattered blog!!

XaMp xm radio online viewer/listener program!

Very Very cool, I just recently found a program that will let you listen to Xm Radio Online (XMRO) without having to use their horrible web interface.

Tha name of the program is XaMp and you must have a XM radio subscription.

You can even use the built in Tracker and paste a img src command to post in your signature's to let people know what you are listening to.

Here is what it says

It will either tell you what I am listening to or it will tell you it is off depending on what I am doing that time of day.

Pretty Sweet!