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Battle at Kruger

You must watch this. It has a few twists that are amazingly unexpected!!

Cute jumping spider

I saw a cute jumping spider in the bathroom today. He had white stripes on his black body with irradescent blue fangs. I finally found a link describing him.

Do a ctrl+F on this page --> and search for "Spider with blue fangs".

I am going to leave him be, he seemed to be very sneaky and cautious because when I would approach near him he would try and be still and hide and then when I would meander away he would do his jerky walk. I eventually let him know that I saw him and looked close up at him. He froze.

It turns out he is a harmless jumping spider and is a carnivora & predator who doesn't spin webs. They are the most common to bite but there bites are harmless.

I have always respected spiders. They eat all the other bugs. Gotta have spiders as natural pest deterrents!!

This one was especially cute with his irradescent blue fangs and his eyes perched up high on his forehead.

I would love to take a close up picture sometime but I do not have have the optics in my camera to acheive a quality picture better than the one pictures at the link above. I am sure I will be seeing him around, although he lives underneath a gap in the floorboaord where it meets the tile (old historic apartment).

China's All-Seeing Eye : Rolling Stone

China's All-Seeing Eye : Rolling Stone

WOW. Pretty insightful.


I would love to someone with a green one on in front of a green screen. Imagine how funny that would be!