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Whether you tell yourself you can or whether you tell yourself you cannot... you are always RIGHT!

War is not the answer.

War is never the answer. It's time we grow up and stand up for what is right. 

Cutest picture ever!!

My gosh this is too funny!

My gut hurts now!

The future is now!

Picasa 3.0 - The Picasa Photo Viewer just owned Windows!

I just installed Picasa 3.0 and I set it to be default photo editor! Windows has had years and years of monopoly to make there products better. Did they? Heck no. They snoozed and lost. Google has a very very nice photo viewer. My y new default photo viewer. Very slick!

Chrome - Uberfast Browserness

I had heard about it from my Android searching first but didn't give it a 2nd thought of my mind. My coworker, Seth, said something about "are you going to try Chrome". I said something to the effect of, "yeah someday probably".

I noticed Jon Perlow's (a Gdev) sig on my Gtalk list. His sig message said something to the effect of "Man is chrome Fast".

So I had 2 prior impressions to Chrome BUT it was his sig that prompted me to immediately download Chrome and see what this FAST was all about, I gave it a whirl. And what a whirl it was!

Gmail is now FAST, Gdocs are also VERY fast (something that limited my use prior), Gcal is FAST, everything is FAST! I am loving Chrome and have been using as my primary browser since I installed it . I am using Firefox for this post because of the Scribefire blog editor. I am still using FF for some other things as well but for my general browsing I am using Chrome and it's web goodness.

I am torn now because I was a huge FF advocate, mainly because it was generally more secure and faster than the competetion plus it was open-source (the future of all software). I liked Opera but FF had the edge because of it being open source.

Now Chrome hits us, it's fast, multi-threaded, open source and sports a much simpler interface plus it has detacheable tabs (something I always wished FF has). Sorry FF but Chrome is now my default browser.

Here are the steps I suggest you do to better understand the speedy goodness that awaits the web!
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Download Chrome
  3. Install Chrome
  4. Read the Manual! -->

Disclaimer: I love Google! (Did you know the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom are Billionaires, both drive a Prius?)

Android Developers Challenge I - And the winners are...

Ok, I am loving the cooking capsules application! I am also digging the Softrace since I am a slightly competitive guy. City Slikkers should get my butt moving too and it will allow me to meet some very interesting people! So many more!! And those are just the ones that won out of the 1.700+ submitted. Oh and that was only round 1. Round 2 is coming up soon!

Take a look! -

Here comes the Android - Worlds coolest phone!