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Dr. Fuhrman Rules!

So I mentioned Dr. Fuhrman a while back but I just have to mention him again. This guy doesn't stop! He just keeps giving! The first Fuhrman DVD's will be out soon! They are expected to be out late 05'/early 06'. One will be on the Disease Proof your child Book, along with an audio book release as well. The second DVD will be on the ETL/Greatest Diet on Earth Book/subject. There is susposed to be an audio book release as well.

Dr. Fuhrman just makes sense, If you have a child you must read his new book "Disease Proof Your Child". If you have heart problems you must read his book "Cholesterol Protection for Life", if you are overweight you must read "Eat To Live".

With Dr. Fuhrman's help many many people will be breaking the age barriers unfortunately it will take time, because we have to age, right?

I was talking with another fellow the other day who was talking about turning off the aging gene, with that and a diet of nutritional excellence people will be living to ages comparable to what the bible "claims".

Joel Fuhrman is doing with his life what many dream of doing, helping potentially massive amounts of people. He just keeps giving and how can you not feel good about your life by doing that.

again his website is and he has a new Fuhrman blog called full of free articles and information to inform the uneducated American about nutritional excellence!!! His websites are filled with hours and hours of reading, you cannot help but learning by spending time at his websites. He also has a podcast section of great listening material "Podcast's"

The true power will be in the video DVD's, people can truly see Joel shine, he has such enthusiasm and care for what he does it truly does transfer to other people.

Here are some free video clips you can watch right now without waiting for the DVD, (you need Divx)

Fuhrman is the beginning of the end in the confusion humans face about their diet choices, I also must give credit to "The China Study" and Dr. Colin T. Campbell, without this book there would not be nearly as much evidence supporting this lifestyle/diet.

For anyone who wants to know the basic summary.

Eat lots of high-nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables.
Eat less low-nutrient foods such as sugars, oils, salts.

For more info read some literature at his websites.

Here is to another scattered blog!!


Hey Elijah,

Got to your site from Fuhrman's site. Thought you might also be interested in Dr. Walford's book, The 120 Year Diet. He talks about calorie restriction and good nutrition as the key--however, as you know, you basically get that automatically with Fuhrman's diet.

You can check out his site at He also offers a free software tool that automatically counts up your day's protien, fat, carb, vitamins, and minerals--which is cool if you want to count stuff. It is very interesting to see how much excess nutrients you get by eating Fuhrman's way.

Enjoyed your other blog entries. I'll have to check out more on that deviant art site. Also, wondering about what you'll think of the Tony Robbins seminar.

Good luck and keep it up!

- Paul


Thanks for the Comment Paul, I had a chance to check out Walford's site. Man that guy looks like he is doing great, I may have to read his book someday. I did a book search using the new and was able to read some of his book.

The only thing I have a discrepancy on is the entirely raw food's diet he advocates. Research has shown that cooking does destroy some of the "popular" nutrients but there are many other nutrients that "increase in availability" when you cook foods. So it is best to eat both cooked and raw foods to get an adequate amount of nutrients. Also as far as juicing goes, I am getting a Vita-Mix next week and I think it is better to use the whole fruit or vegetable, that way we get everything it came with including "all" of the valuable fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

However, I am sure anyone following his diet is still in great health. It is far far betteroff then eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet).

I still plan on reading that book though, if someone has a desire to live 120 years then they must have some great information in there right?

I will post a blog on the Tony Robbins Seminar. My girlfriend is going to, she is a excellent singer and can make it to the top very easily (the voice is there) but making it to the top requires other things as well. I hope this seminar will help to acheive those things.

Peace Paul and thannk you for the comment - Elijah