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Tech Update!! August 14th, 2007

Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American
Power Paper: Energy Storage by the Sheet: Scientific American, this comes down to 2 things basically. 1 TB per square inch data density in just over two years time to hit the market. Now I do not see myself , Mr. Consumer being able to get this technology at a good price but in a way I do because I am sure Google will adopt it and that means more storage for my Gmail Drive. Oh, and the price of our standard drives should come down a bunch as well. It would be nice to have a 1,2, 10 TB raid 1 array on a SATA Raptor to boot!! Just make it a Peta byte instead. That should last me for a while.

My advice to those looking for hard drives is simple... Only buy what you need right now because the whole market is changing BIG TIME. Not only storage but seek times as well. Seek times are huge and most "average" pc users don't even realize that the reason their is a 2 second lag when exploring their files is because their hard drive sucks. I remember a while back IBM (I believe) was developing some technology to store data in a cube. Where the laser would actually penetrate the cube and locate certain sectors to grab data.