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Wikipedia can no longer be trusted

I have been using Wikipedia for many years. I love Wikipedia. It appears to give me good information most of the time.

I tried to edit some stuff a while ago and found it quickly got changed because it did not adhere to there rules. That frustrated me a bit but I said hey, I guess that makes sense. I even heard that the Wikipedia founder was trying to build a open-source search engine and thought that was great as well.

I have just recently had my apathy cured by Ron Paul. I also learned about another individual Edward Griffin in the process. I was just getting to know about him and his ideas and still am.

So here comes the reason on why Wikipedia can no longer be trusted. Lets say you and a few of your admin buddies at Wikipedia want to delete an entry. You delete the page according to the guidelines of Wikipedia. Now, whether they adhered or not lets just say you had the "power" and you knew how to work the "laws" or rules better than the average reader. Heck, most people don't even know you can edit a page.

We just deleted the page or entry. Lets say that the people with the power don't want it re-added because there stay at home job involves being a non-paid Wikipedia editor, at least not paid by Wikipedia. Ok, now I want to add it back because it should be documented information. But I can't. The admin's at Wikipedia have blocked it permanently from ever being added back again. What do you do? What happens when it happens with content on the page? You change it and the stay at homers change it back to suit their ideological beliefs. What can you do. They have more time than you.

This happened just days ago to an author and public speaker.

Permanently deleted forever from Wikipedia.

Here is the cached page that Google has on store to prove it did once exist.

So, what do you do? Be very very cautious of any info you get from Wikipedia because after all censorship has just been proven. Wikipedia is not immune to censorship. What a sad day in Wikipedia's history...

Update - Not sure how this happened but on February 29th it seems that someone rebuilt the article from scratch. This is good to see and I am sure it was because of the popularity of this guy. I am wondering about the smaller lesser known people who also get censored though.

Check out the revision history, beginning on February 29th,

This is good Wikipedia stepped up to the plate.