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Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable, Ready by 2008 | Open Voting Consortium

Open Source Voting: Accurate, Accountable, Ready by 2008 | Open Voting Consortium

I love it! This actually looks like a voting system we can use! Now, it will be fun to get officials to comment on video on why they choose not to use this system! There system is based on Ubuntu Linux and doesn't actually count the votes. It prints off a ballot with the name and a bar code. Then they use video cameras to display the counting process.

I would love to see some video of the election in California of this!

All elections and votes should have archived video.

Question I always ask myself - How is it that we can send a man to the moon with pinpoint precision accuracy and timing but we cannot count numbers doing elections time?

Now is it that we can't? No of course not, we can count and we can count very very well. Now could it be that we "choose" not to? How can Americans be so naive and think there votes are counted properly. Shouldn't there be a audit available by anyone at anytime to count our votes?

No wonder America is Apathetic. Anyways, check out the link above, it seems like a good system. Let me know if you see any major flaws. Don't tell me that just switching to paper voting will fix it because we obviously saw that it won't after seeing what happened to New Hampshire's vote this year. That was paper voting and it was a mess. Citizens even paid over $50,000 for a recount (should we have to pay money for a re-count) and didn't even receive the ballots. Much more on youtube for that!

]Our voting system is flawed and why won't Diebold let people see the source code for their machines? This is wrong.