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Maybe it is time to care now...

We drive, we eat tons of animals, we use tons of plastics and oils. Our government doesn't care as they are lost too.

This link claims we will have no ice in the North Pole in 5 years. What if they are right? We better get our act together, fast.

Gives you quite an odd feeling.

I ride my bike when I can, recycle when I can, eat no animals, but what else can I do to help the earth. I can try and get other people to do the same and improve my own habits as well. Will it be quick enough, how do we change the power consumption and the corrupt politicians?

It all starts with a vision. I will keep my vision of a beautiful earth and try harder. Please read the following link and do what you can to help our earth.

Maybe we will all have sail ships to float around in to our garbage islands.

DrFuhrman's diet style is a good place to start reducing some huge emmisions and of course we all need more exercise so ride your bike to the store and work, when you can. It all makes a difference.



I agree that there are environmental problems that need to be dealt with but I have read that the polar caps on mars and one of jupiter's moons are receding at the same rate as those of earth. The man-made global warming argument looks more like fraud from the highest levels every day.


And what if they actually are caused by us and we ignore the warnings. What will you say when it is too late?