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Bat in the house!

I was just on Dr. Fuhrman's weekly phone chat that I host every Tuesday and next thing you know I see a bat flying around, yes a bat!! Everyone on the call had to deal with me vocally squirming as the bat was flying right above my head, I was afraid it was going to bite me, particularly my ear. One of the callers mentioned getting tested for rabies. I later found out that rabies are pretty serious business!

I thought it was a bird at first but then realized it wasn't making any noise. After the phone chat ended I looked up "How to catch bat house" on Google and up came this article,, so, I talked with my house guest staying downstairs and he saw the bat too! I talked about how the article said to open all the doors and windows and chase it towards the area and that we should use a towel etc. just as the article says. I gave him a big bath towel and got one myself too. It was good that he took the lead, calmly, walked upstairs and saw the bat had stopped flying around and settled into the upper side of a window.

My guest was brave enough to just slowly take the towel and wrap it around the bat and sure enough, just as the article said, the bat started making clicking noises, I said, "that is normal, that is what the internet said". I pulled the blind further up and assisted with my towel. It ended up in my towel (the handoff) and it was very weird, I could feel the bat almost vibrating in the towel as he was fighting to get out. I kept thinking that he was going to bite through the towel for some reason, even though it was a very thick bath towel. We then took it outside and slowly unwrapped the towel on a table. Just seconds later the bat was free once again!

In the end it worked perfectly, my heart is still beating though, the bat got away safely, no one got bit and it worked much faster than my idea of opening all the windows and doors and trying to chase it out.

Btw. The bat was upstairs and none of the upstairs windows open anyways.