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Holiday Inn - Clearwater Beach - NICE!

I just got a room at the Holiday Inn at Clearwater Beach in Florida. I am usually fine with most any hotel room but the rooms on the mainland in Clearwater just appeared to be nasty and creepy and last night I stayed in a non-smoking room at a Best Western and the smell was nasty, not smoke just nasty!

So tonight I jumped across the bridge over to Clearwater Beach (10 minutes) and found the Holiday Inn (can't go wrong right). I have stayed at Holiday Inn's in teh past but maybe they were Holiday Inn Express's???

This is the nicest "average" hotel room (#259) I have ever stayed in!!

  • The room smells clean and is clean! (big plus)
  • Granite or Silestone Countertops
  • Mini Kitchen with silverware microwave and fridge
  • Flatpanel TV
  • Nice balcony with mock-column like fencing
  • Very fast internet (6mbps down/612 kbps up) - (choose ethostream)
  • Closet area
  • full length mirror
  • desk with swivel chair
  • comfy chair with footstool
  • king sized bed
  • very nice bathroom - mirror with wooden frame, decorative lighting, tile floor and clean
  • luggage area & closet and ironing area

If you are ever here and want a nice place to stay this is it!