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My New Car!! Terrafugia Roadable Aircraft

The video is a tad misleading but accurate with the "sport license" statement. A "sport license" will allow you to "operate" the vehicle but not fly to another airport. This means that if you takeoff from you local airport then you must land at the same airport. This is the way it was explained to me by the folks at Solberg airport in Central Jersey.

I took my first lesson a few months ago and have made 3 more appointments since then but they were all canceled due to bad weather. I plan on having my pilots license by 2011 so I can fly a Terrafugia. I really like the fact that I can land at any one of the 5,000 airports if I get ill or the weather gets bad and just drive the rest of the way. Most small aircraft accidents happen because of bad weather.

I can't wait to take to the skies in my new Terrafugia!!!!