The Blog's of Elijah Lynn.

Whether you tell yourself you can or whether you tell yourself you cannot... you are always RIGHT!

Why are we here?

I believe that we are on this earth to feel. Yup, that's it! To feel.

I believe the big answer, the big secret as to why we are here is so we can experience life. The good and the bad. There wouldn't be good if there were no bad. There would be no pleasure if there wasn't any displeasure.

Personally, for me, I try to appreciate everyday I have and make the best of what I have at any given moment. I want to be happy and I have learned to do that by being thankful for what I do have. There are some people in your life that will just bitch about what they don't have. Don't hang around those people. They just bring you down. You can a little bit, they need someone to bring them up but be careful they don't suck you into their world.

I have learned quite a bit over the past 5 years. From people like Tony Robins, Wayne Dyer, Joel Fuhrman and Jacque Fresco. These are all amazing people who have made a tremendous impact in my life and the way I view it.

The reason we are on this planet is to experience feelings. And at the same time, depending a person's mindset they can, in an instant, create their own living hell or heaven. For me, every day is heaven because I choose to do so. Who want's to live life being angry and depressed all the time? I don't but I used to.

If you want to be happy in life just be happy, it is as simple as that. If you have a bad thought and that makes you feel bad then why are you still thinking about it. Get those bad thoughts out of your head because they don't do you any good, do they? Seriously, name an advantage of thinking about that bad thought in your mind? What does worrying about it do for you? Can you change anything? Then stop it!

Clear it out, and replace it with a good thought, think about the running water, the hot water, the car, the food, the clean food, the shelter, the electricity, the eyesight, the fresh air and the everything in your life that is truly amazing! Think about that instead. It is time we strart being grateful for the things in our life that we do have than the things we don't have.