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Psoriasis - Gone

While it may not be cured, Jodi's Psoriasis sure seems to be cured! Take a look at her before and after pictures and read her story!! Very powerful! Dr. Fuhrman has done this many times but these are the first pictures I have seen!!

And look at that back! 58 years young!!

Come join us at Dr. Fuhrman's boards/forums!! So much fun over there!


Thanks for given a good information about Dr.Fuhrman and the psoriasis. It's a very helpful and useful too.I found one of the website that is also have a information about psoriasis and video


You are being silly. Trying to promote a solution that treats the symptom and not the problem.

Why would one ever use that stuff when they can use the wisdom of Dr. Fuhrman.

I will leave your comment because I do not agree with censorship but for the record I do not agree with it, at all.

Typical thinking gives typical results.